Past Events

Talks (2014-15):

Trauma in a Warzone (October 9th, 2014). Dr. Joseph Po.

  • This talk will address the inner workings of a trauma unit and EM in a war zone.

Introduction to Emergency Medicine (October 15th, 2014). Dr. Stella Liu and Dr. Alena Spacek.

  • This is a session that provides an introduction to EM as a career choice including the positive aspects and challenges of the discipline.

CaRMS + Electives Talk (November 20th, 2014). Dr. Jen Leppard, Dr. Stella Yiu, Dr. Spacek, Dr. Ariel Hendin (PGY1), Dr. Taylor Lougheed (PGY3).

  • This diverse panel of speakers will provide you with information unique to the emergency medicine CaRMS and electives process.

Rural Emergency Medicine (January 8th, 2015). Dr. Marianne Yeung.

  • This talk will address the differences between Rural and Academic EM, the pros and cons of working in a rural hospital, interesting EM cases seen in Rural medicine, and much more.

Disaster Medicine (January 14th, 2015). Dr. Richard Dionne.

  • This session will focus on the key aspects of risk assessment in disaster scenarios.

Forensic Emergency Medicine (January 25th, 2015). Dr. Kari Sampsel.

  • This is a talk about the various initiatives Dr. Sampsel is involved with including the Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program, her role as a coroner, as well as interesting cases she has encountered in her practice.

Paediatric Concussion (April 2nd, 2015). Dr. Roger Zemek.

  • This session will cover paediatric emergency medicine, paediatric concussions, and recent research initiatives in concussion management.

Mental Health Emergency Medicine (April 15th, 2015). Dr. Boyle.

  • This talk will cover mental health emergencies from the joint perspective of Dr. Boyle and a police officer from the Ottawa Police Service.

Radiology in Emergency Medicine (April 16th, 2015). Dr. Coffrey.

  • In this talk, we will learn how to recognize commonly encountered and dangerous radiological diagnoses in the ED, with a focus on the interpretation of head CTs.

ACLS Simulation (April 22nd, 2015). Dr. Weitzman.

  • This event will involve an ACLS simulation where you will learn fundamental principles and apply them by participating in live mock-codes.

Career Night (April 23rd, 2015). Dr. Leppard and Dr. Fischer.

  • The annual Emergency Medicine Career Night will feature a panel of speakers that will talk about Emergency Medicine as a career, and will be followed by a a catered dinner and round table discussion with many of our EM residents.

Workshops (2014-15):

Casting Workshop (October 29th, 2014).

Airway Workshop (April 29th, 2015).

Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop (March 25th, 2015). 


EM CaRMS and Residency

Drs. Stella Yiu, Debra Eagles, Warren Cheung talked about the dynamics and scheduling of EM residency programs, the differences between the FRCPC and CCFP-EM programs, and how to make yourself a competitive candidate for these residency programs.

Introduction to Emergency Medicine

Drs Stella Yiu and Alena Spacek give an introduction to Emergency Medicine at our first talk of 2012-2013!

Forensic Emergency medicine

Dr. Sampsel talks about her role as the regional investigating coroner and forensic medicine.

research in emergency medicine

Dr. Ian Stiell talks about academic medicine at uOttawa and the various research projects currently being pursued.

rural emergency medicine

Dr. Marianne Yeung currently works in both urban and rural centres. In this talk she shares her experiences and explores the differences of practicing in these two unique settings.

Code Trauma

Dr. Pageau explains the general approach to Trauma/Resuscitation and the role of the emergency physician and trauma team leader.

Lecture (ppt): .ppt

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