CAEP Mentorship Program

The Canadian Association of Emergency Physician (CAEP) has put forth a program to match medical students with Emergency Medicine Residents. Medical students will have a unique opportunity to have a resident mentor answer their questions.

How to participate:  If interested, please visit the student section of the CAEP website.

Please direct questions to Seth Turner at

*What do FRCP and CCFP-EM stand for?

FRCP: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians – A five year residency program in Emergency Medicine leading to the designation of FRCP-EM. Allow physicians to have more academically oriented careers and work in subspecialties of Emergency Medicine such as: toxicology, Critical Care, paediatrics, disaster medicine, research, etc.
CCFP-EM: College of Family Medicine Physicians of Canada – A 1 year residency program leading to the designation of CCFP-EM through the College of Family Physicians of Canada. CCFP-EM physicians tend to work primarily as clinicians with a smaller focus on academic activities such as teaching.

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