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The University of Ottawa’s Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) was started in 2007 and has grown to be a successful interest group that hosts a variety of lecture series delivered by speakers from different areas of focus within emergency medicine, workshops, as well as observership opportunities. With support from the Ottawa Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) and the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) we hope to uphold the reputation of the group while continuing to improve EMIG and what is has to offer.


EMIG is committed to hosting events related to topics in Emergency Medicine while bringing students, residents, and faculty together for networking opportunities. The EMIG strives to be a useful and informative interest group for all.


The EMIG, in collaboration with the Ottawa Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) & the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP), will:

  • Provide medical students with an informative lecture series highlighting the advantages of a career in EM, various opportunities using the broad skill set of EM, and different issues that emergency physicians may encounter.
  • Host workshops that will equip students with valuable skills that they will use throughout their medical training.
  • Provide networking and volunteer opportunities with faculty & residents.
  • Provide research opportunities through the EMIG Research Initiative in collaboration with Ottawa’s world renowned research program.
  • Maintain a website that will be a useful tool for medical students across Canada who are interested in EM – it will be used to advertise upcoming events, allow students to exchange ideas through forum, and provide useful information/links  related to EM.
  • Encourage students to attend the annual CAEP conference.
  • Provide mentorship opportunities with residents through the CAEP Mentorship Program.
  • Facilitate clinical electives for external students.
  • Host the “Ambulance ride-along” program.

Executive (2017-18):

President: Luke Edgar

Executive: Shankar Sethuraman, Mohamed Mohamed Ali, Taylor Stanojev

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Alena Spacek, Dr. Jen Leppard, Dr. Jean Chen

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